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Different businesses may require different levels and types of office alarm systems. Despite these differences, the underlying principles for an effective security system and pretty much the same.


Get Proper Security Assessment

Some business owners often neglect the importance of a professionally conducted security assessment. They tend to think that all office alarm systems are one and the same. This leads to the false assumption that is doesn’t really matter which type of system they choose. However, each establishment is different in terms of security vulnerabilities, and a professionally conducted security assessment will help to identify the specific weaknesses and security issues that a particular business needs—and consequently, which types of office alarm systems will best be able to address these.


Staff Training

Unfortunately, having the best office alarm systems in place does not guarantee that your place of business is safe. Why? Because like other types of technology, alarm systems are only as effective as those who are using them. You can have the best CCTV monitoring system, but if nobody is monitoring them, then they’re not much help. You can have the latest door and window lock mechanisms, but if one of your staff forgets to set the alarm, then unscrupulous individuals are still free to come and go at your office.

That is why it isn’t always enough to invest in the latest and high quality office alarm systems. You should also make it a point to invest in the training and education of your employees. Give them time to learn how to effectively use these systems, outline their features and how to properly use them.


Multiple Security Features

Truly effective office alarm systems are composed of a several different types of security systems. For one, there’s the surveillance system which will of course include the surveillance cameras. Sometimes, several cameras will be suggested to be installed in order to cover the whole perimeter.

But surveillance cameras are just one of the systems that should be considered. Think about your needs for an access control system or an intrusion monitoring system. Adding a video intercom is also a good idea. Consider also office alarm systems that allow for remote access and management capabilities. These may sound like a lot, but they are all necessary in order to fully protect your business assets.

It is only natural to want to protect your business considering all the money and effort you poured into it. If you’re not sure how to go about in choosing and planning for your office alarm systems, just give us a call at 02 9417 0606 or leave a message in our contact page.


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