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Although a video intercom would make for a great addition to a house alarm system, it will not be worth much if you are unable to see what is on the video setup. Several technical points should be reviewed when looking at this part of an intercom system.


How Is the Video Quality?

Your video intercom needs to feature a decent video quality level. It does not necessarily have to be HD-quality. It just needs to be something easy to review. A 640×480 or 800×600 resolution or better is often suitable as it offers a clear enough of an image for you to identify someone. This is on par with an older analog television set but it is enough for most general situations.


How Large Is the Screen?

The video screen on your intercom could be about two to three inches in size from one diagonal end to the next. This is large enough to help you identify someone.


Look At Sensors

Sensors may be used to identify when someone comes up to the video camera. This causes the camera to start running even if a person has not actually touched the intercom button. This part of a house alarm system will alert you to any cases where someone might be coming a little too close to your property.

Some video intercom models can take pictures of people who come by and save them for your perusal. This feature is typically found in more advanced intercom system setups.


Don’t Forget Night Vision

A night vision feature is a necessity to have on your video intercom. This lets you identify people even when it is dark out. This is critical given how easy it is for some people to try and sneak up to your home late at night.

Be certain when finding a house alarm system that you have a video intercom that works well. An intercom should review what is happening outside your property with ease.

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