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Vandalism and theft can leave businesses grappling with losses worth billions of dollars. This is especially so in cases involving the loss of merchandise and business equipment. Clearly, commercial facilities need more than just reliable office alarm systems to deter intruders and burglars. Thankfully, technological advancements have resulted in the emergence of various security systems that can complement even the most basic alarm systems.


Make Your Facility Impregnable with Security Systems that Can Complement Your Existing Office Alarm Systems

Many business owners think that they can deter intruders by installing burglar alarm systems throughout their premises. Some individuals even think of installing CCTV cameras to keep their facilities under constant surveillance. These security systems will undoubtedly act as deterrents to intruders. But, they will not make your facility burglar-proof. You will invariably need an assortment of security devices to safeguard your business assets. From motion sensors to door & window contacts, you will need to depend on a combination of security systems.

To beef up your office security even further, consider investing in:

  • Advanced Alarm Systems: These systems come with 24-hour backup features. They utilise radios and cellphones to inform the central monitoring stations that the phone lines are not functioning. Some systems even come with battery backed-up alarm systems that can function even in the event of a power shutdown.
  • Access Control Systems: This system focuses on controlling the access levels of your staff to certain areas of your facility. Issue proximity cards to your workers so that only authorised personnel gain access to your facility.
  • Video Surveillance Systems: Install cameras to monitor various locations in your facility. Charged Couple Device (CCD) cameras can offer you high-definition images. In contrast, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) cameras offer relatively lower video quality, while being very affordable.


Are You Looking for Quality CCTV Security Systems?

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