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Crime rates continue to increase with each passing day. In this scenario, the best recourse for many homeowners is to invest in high-quality home surveillance systems. Alarm systems trigger alarms when an intruder or burglar breaks into the house. In many cases, this does not provide much time for the occupants to prepare for dealing with the intruder. In contrast, home surveillance systems maintain a constant vigil on the property.


What Kinds of Features Do Home Surveillance Systems Typically Have?

Home surveillance systems typically feature one or more surveillance cameras set up at different spots around your property. They also feature a control panel inside the house. This panel enables the occupants to access the feed of each of the cameras installed on the property. Most surveillance systems will have the following features:

  • Wireless or Wired Cameras: This denotes the manner in which the camera transmits the signals. Wireless cameras offer higher levels of flexibility. They are more discrete as well. But, interruptions from the wireless internet could affect the signal. In contrast, installing wired cameras is much harder and less discrete. But, they offer better levels of reliability.
  • Black-and-White or Coloured Images: Commercial properties would do well to opt for colour cameras. Low-risk residential properties could manage with black-and-white cameras.
  • Various Resolution Ranges: Cameras featuring high resolution will provide better image quality
  • Variance in the Span of Coverage: The expanse that a camera lens can cover varies from one camera to another. Some cameras can only transmit images that are directly before the lens. Wide-angle lenses will usually cover larger areas. Similarly, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras can offer a 360-degree view.


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