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The need for improving home and personal security continues to increase with each passing day. The ever-increasing crime rates in many Australian cities have left many people feeling insecure and anxious. Some people do not even feel that they are secure in their own homes. To bolster the security of their properties, homeowners have turned to technology. From burglar alarm systems to intercom systems for the home, they have invested in cutting-edge equipment for making their homes as impregnable as possible.


What Kinds of Intercom Systems Can You Purchase for Your Home?

Intercom systems are useful for communicating with the person at the front door. Some of the most common intercom systems for residences include:

  • Basic Wired and Wireless Audio Intercoms: Hard-wired, audio-only intercom systems are easy to spot across many homes in Sydney. These systems feature actual wires and cables running through the walls. These systems offer a range only as far as the installer can run the wires and cables. They are simple to use. In addition, the closed-loop system eliminates the risk of eavesdropping.
  • Video-Based Intercom Systems: These systems provide a live video feed. This makes them ideal for use at the entrances of homes. This is because the occupants can see the person at the front door. These systems are ideal for multi-storey dwellings. They offer two-way audio communication too.
  • Smart Home Systems: These feature a number of devices connected to the internet with Wi-Fi. For instance, you could use an IP camera connected to the internet to monitor your home entrances. Thereafter, you could access the feed via a browser or a mobile app. These smart home systems are gradually becoming popular among many DIY-ers.


Are You Looking for the Best Home Alarm Systems in Sydney?

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