Dozens of properties in virtually all neighbourhoods of Australia rely on burglar alarm systems for security. These alarm systems trigger alarms when intruders attempt entry into the house. Many people might feel that each burglar alarm system works in a similar or identical manner. However, the security industry is rapidly evolving. Advancements in technology have resulted in the emergence of new alarm systems that offer higher levels of security.



What Kinds of Burglar Alarm Systems Do Homeowners Typically Consider Purchasing?

When you shop for burglar alarms, you will come across a diverse range of products. Some of the different kinds of alarm systems you might encounter include:

  • Dummy Alarms: These are ┬áthe cheapest alarm systems. But, professional burglars will not find it hard to ascertain that these systems are dummies. In addition, you will not earn any discounts on your home insurance premiums by installing these alarms.
  • Ringer Alarms: These trigger bells-only alarms upon detecting a break-in. The alarm will usually sound for some time. However, the internal alarms and outdoor lights might continue to flash until you turn off the alarms. These alarms are ideal for low-risk properties.
  • Monitored Alarms: These systems remain connected to external security agencies. These agencies monitor the signals received from your alarm for a fee. When the system generates an alert, agency staff will call the house for a password to check if everything is alright. In case no one gives the password or picks up the phone, the agency will notify the police.
  • Wireless and Wired Alarms: Wired alarm systems require professional installation. This ensures that all the wires remain concealed. In contrast, wireless systems will typically run on batteries. These are easier to install and cheaper too.


Are You Looking for the Best Home Alarm Systems in Sydney?

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Image Source: Eastlaketimes / Flickr