burglar prevention alarm systems


Burglar alarm systems are among the most popular security devices for Australian homeowners. These systems serve to act as deterrents. Similarly, some homeowners invest in home security cameras to keep a constant watch on their properties. However, some people consider purchasing dummy or fake security cameras instead of the real ones. They feel that the sight of these cameras will be sufficient to strike fear in the hearts of any intruders thanking of staging break-ins. Unfortunately, experienced criminals are usually smart enough to know the difference.


Why Dummy Cameras Cannot Hold a Candle to the Protection that Functional Home Security Camera Systems Offer

Most dummy cameras typically offer certain basic features. But, some also offer zoom, pan and tilt features. But, they also feature a blinking red light at the front. This light serves the objective of alerting would-be intruders that the camera is part of a functional security system. Unfortunately, most real security cameras do not come with this feature. So, professional burglars will easily be able to identify that the camera is a dummy. Similarly, dummy cameras only foster a false sense of security. When needed the most, they will not be able to deter criminals or provide evidence in case of a break-in.

As is evident, fake cameras offer little value for your money. Therefore, consider purchasing real cameras that can give you peace of mind. With these cameras, you will be able to:

  • Use video monitoring to keep a watch on the activities of babysitters and other outsiders working in the house
  • View the surveillance feed online from their smartphones or offices to keep a check on the house and,
  • Identify the culprits in the event of vandalism or a break-in easily


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Image Source: Informedmag / Flickr