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One of the most reoccurring problems in most alarm systems in Sydney is that of false alarms. Before you start looking for house alarm repairs to fix the issue, you should know that majority of such issues are preventable. Most often, the problem of false alarms occurs due to user errors rather than some technical fault. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some common reasons behind false alarms and how to eliminate them.

  1. Using alarm system without any proper training
  2. Weak or dead batteries
  3. Door installation issues
  4. Unlocked, open or loose doors can result in false alarms.
  5. Drafts from air conditioning and heating systems


What To Do In Case You Accidentally Set Off Your Alarm System?

First of all, you should know that it’s a very common mistake among first time users of alarm systems in Sydney. So, you don’t need to panic. Just keep in mind a few things and you’ll do just fine.

  • Reset your alarm system by entering the disarm code. Since you’re the true owner, you should not find any difficulty with this step.
  • It’s important to keep your alarm code at an easy to remember place. However, do not put it on your alarm system.
  • Wait for a call from the monitoring station. Give them your ID code and follow their instructions.


Things to Consider Before You Install Your Home Alarm System

  • Lock all your doors and windows that are protected by the system.
  • Train your employees or family members on how to use the system.
  • Follow proper care and maintenance procedures. Your house alarm repairs specialists should inspect and service your alarm system on regular basis.
  • In case, you’re experiencing any issue with your alarm system, contact your house alarm repairs specialist immediately.
  • Let the professionals perform routine checks and maintenance for optimum safety and peace of mind.
  • In case, you’re planning to renovate your home or replace your doors or windows, make sure to inform your alarm system professionals about the same.


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