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At Coles Security Systems, we pride ourselves on being the leader in house alarm system and home surveillance cameras including alarm repairs. We believe in providing long-term solutions to our customers with our comprehensive security products and services at a very affordable price.

Our experienced technicians make sure that you won’t have to face any problem because of improper installation. That being said, even the most expensive home surveillance cameras in the market can develop certain defects a few years down the line.

Our alarm system repair specialists always strive to reuse as many original components as possible in addition to new genuine replacement parts to provide highest quality repairs at pocket-friendly prices. Let’s have a look at some common issues that homeowners face when it comes to their home surveillance cameras.

  1. Video Recording Issues: In most cases, the underlying cause for this common issue is hard drive failure. Sometimes, incompetent installers don’t set up DVR systems correctly, and that can damage hard drive in the long run. Apart from replacing the hard drive, repairs also include reinstalling software at the server including camera software and windows.
    Though hard drive failure is a catastrophic event, the silver lining is that it gives you an opportunity to upgrade your systems. Many older systems run on outdated technology and have smaller hard drives. Coles Security Systems stock a wide range of state-of-the-art systems that are capable of taking security levels and features of your organisation to a whole another level.
  1. DVR Keeps Rebooting: This happens mainly because of corrupt software. Other signs may include difficulty in remote viewing, system crash and problems in database, among others. If you’re facing such issues, get in touch with experts at Coles Security Systems Even if you don’t have the original disc of your system, we can restore your system to its original state quickly.
  1. Bad Video Signals: If you see horizontal or vertical lines on screen, chances are that this is a video signal issue. The severity of the problem can only be ascertained by checking your system. Sometimes, the problem can be rectified instantly by replacing a small part, while at other times the whole system may need rewiring.  Professionals find and remove possible sources of interference, and if needed, install loop insulators to fix the problem. They also make sure that camera’s viewing angle and target are perfectly positioned for clean, excellent quality video.


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