An access system can be as simple or as complex as needed.  A simple system can be as straight forward as entering a valid code into a keypad which in turn will de-energise an electric lock to open a door.  An example of a complex system would be presenting a proximity card/token past a reader (no touching parts) and the reader identifying the card as valid or not.  While in the background the data on the card is being processed by a control panel to determine if the person is permitted access to that particular door, on that particular floor at that particular time of the day and on a particular date etc.

An access system is a very powerful tool to control all access into a building as required.  The complexity of a system is determined by the level of control required.  As complex as a system may appear, for a person wishing to obtain access through a door it’s as simple as swiping a card, valid code or even presenting finger scan.