home security cameras


Installing home security cameras is an effective and smart way to provide optimum protection to your home. These state-of-the-art security systems will also provide you much needed peace of mind when certain unfamiliar personnel such housekeepers, technicians, and babysitters visit your home.  However, the level of security largely depends on the quality of your burglar alarm system and CCTV cameras.  Secondly, the placement of cameras also plays an important role when it comes to the quality and effectiveness of video content.

So, how to get the best out of your home security cameras? What are the best places to install these cutting-edge security devices? Let’s try to find out.

  1. All Exteriors Doors: Take a look at crime statistics, and you’ll see that more than 60 percent of the burglaries take place through exterior doors. These do not just include your front door, but all the perimeter doors including front, back and garage doors. Fortunately, with some strategic placement of home security cameras and a burglar alarm system at these high risk places, you can virtually eliminate all criminal threats.
  1. Front Street and back yard: A camera with a fish-eye lens is capable of covering the entire front street, and is a great investment as far as home security is concerned. This will help you catch any accomplices and their gateway vehicles. Most burglary cases are solved by tracing the vehicles used by perpetrators. Camera footage of your Front Street or even back alley can prove to a breakthrough in any burglary case.
  1. First Floor Doors and Windows: Apart from the exterior doors at the ground floor, doors and windows of the first floor are also some major entryways for burglars. Make sure to install a home security camera and burglar alarm system at these places.
  1. Hidden Cameras within the House: There are several important places inside a home where homeowners keep their valuables such as jewellery, an expensive piece of art and cash and so on. If you don’t have outdoor surveillance in your home, these hidden cameras are a great place to catch perpetrators in the act.


Home security cameras allow owners to take effective precautions that are within their control. For more guidance on home and business surveillance systems, get in touch with the leading specialist Coles Security Systems today!


Image Source: Flickr / Informedmag