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You should never compromise on your safety- no matter what happens. The good news is that today’s high-tech security equipment such intercom system for home has made it incredibly easy for you to protect the various rooms in your house.

If you’ve home security systems like security cameras installed in your home, you don’t have to worry about break-ins, whether you’re at home, or away on vacation. It’s a good idea to install a quality home security system or burglar alarm, and update it once every few years. This will give you peace of mind that cannot be measured monetarily.

Most home security systems now come with security cameras. This can help you track movement and presence in various rooms of your house. However, to get the most out of such a system, you have to keep a few important facts in mind. So, what are these factors that can help you to ensure maximum security for you and your loved ones? Here’s the list from some of the most experienced professionals specializing in house alarm repairs in Australia.


  1. Did you know that nearly 34% burglars enter through the front door? And another 33% use backdoors, or garage doors. This should be your first point of coverage. Not only will it be an effective burglar alarm system, it will also tell you who is knocking on your door at any given point of time- that’s an added benefit!
  1. If you have windows that do not face the roads, or the yards, place a motion sensor directly across the windows. There are some burglars who would want to use the hidden path. Remember that these home security systems work most effectively if the direction of movement of burglars is parallel to the placement of sensors.
  1. Properly working home security systems can also help you save on your home insurance premiums. That’s why it’s important to contact trusted professionals for house alarm repairs to rectify any problem without wasting time.
  1. If you have a front yard/back yard, you should definitely place a camera that has a view of both these places.
  1. You should have a few cameras that face (at least) the front and back entrance of the house. This will ensure optimum coverage, even in the absence of proper lighting.


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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons