commercial alarm systems sydney


You can find them everywhere these days; watching you and protecting you even without your knowledge in some cases. Yes, we are talking about CCTV security systems and surveillance cameras. State-of-the-art CCTV security systems and commercial alarm systems in Sydney can prove to be a great investment when it comes to providing optimal security to your business in Sydney. For top-notch protection and a complete peace of mind, it’s crucial that you choose a trusted supplier and installer to get your security systems.

In order to make the most of your investment, there are a few things you should consider while purchasing CCTV security systems.

  1. Location: First and foremost, make sure that you position the cameras correctly. Location and positioning of CCTV security systems make or break their effectiveness whether you want to install them in the interior of your property or in the outdoors. Even the latest high resolution cameras can prove to be completely infective if you fail to position them correctly.
  1. Colour Choice: There was a time when black and white CCTV cameras were the only affordable option for small and medium sized businesses in Sydney. However, with advances in technology, nowadays anyone can get cutting-edge high resolution full colour surveillance cameras at very reasonable prices.
  1. Remote Access Functionality: A surveillance system with remote access functionality will allow you to closely monitor your employees or catch any intruder in your workplace from any location. Not only remote access will enable you to identify any threats and issues in your organisation, it will also help you to eliminate false alarms resulting from bad weather conditions or wild animals.
  1. Centralised Control Station: This is where all the recordings and digital data from the cameras are stored. Probably the most critical element of any surveillance system, this management centre can consist of advanced DVR systems, video equipment and computers, among others.


By working with an experienced corporate security company such as Coles Security Systems to install and implement a comprehensive protection system in your organisation, you can benefit from an increased sense of safety among your employees and a significant increase in productivity. For more information on choosing the best CCTV security systems and commercial alarm systems in Sydney for your needs, get in touch with Coles Security Systems today!



Image Source: Flickr / Dan Brickley